Yoni Seat

Yoni Seat

Our Yoni Steam Seat is perfect for anyone who wants to save money and do a Yoni Steam in the comfort of their own home. It is ideal for small spaces, less expensive than heavy wood seats, and made from medical-grade materials. The seat fits perfectly on your toilet or floor for your steaming ritual and allows for easy cleanup once the ritual is completed. 

FOLDABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: This premium Yoni bath is different than the cheaper Yoni, Yunga, and Carex ones. It folds in to save space and can be hung after washing off. This collapsible feature allows a deeper soak while in use and compact storage while not in use. This premium sitz bath also prevents overflow and leaking with the thoughtfully placed holes in our smart design. Enjoy Your Yoni/Vaginal Steam At Home Easily


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