Womb Tea

Womb Tea

Put life back into your womb with Womb Wellness Tea, a blend of herbs specifically designed to help balance the health of your womb. The traditional formula used in this tea has been passed down through many generations and has been used by countless women to aid with infertile cycles, miscarriage prevention, healthy pregnancy, and more. Enjoy a delicious cup of tea today!

ngredients: Longan, Red dates, Dried Ginger, Roses, Goji Berry.


  • Refreshing cleanse
  • Helps with relieving cramps & heavy periods
  • Nourishes and supportive of the female reproductive system
  • Aids in vaginal & hormonal balancing
  • Fertility-supportive
  • Memory-enhancing
  • Stress reduction

Usage: Place 1 Womb Wellness tea bag into 150 ml (5 oz) of hot water for 3-5 minutes. Once cool to the touch, it is safe to drink. Add honey or lemon for flavor enhancement.


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